About Us

About us

Assistants4u.comis the first and leading Workforce marketplace site in the country. Some youngbusiness and IT professional backed by strong command over e-business andin-depth understanding of the needs of job seekers and service provider  in the country's context started this ventureon August 2020.

The vision of the company is to try bringing all types of peoplesmerits utilizing trough Internet technology in the mainstream business andeconomic life of the society.

Ourweb-site aims to explore maximum benefits of the people. We believe our servicewill help the job seeker, employer and all kind of service provider. Anyone canfind their any kind of assistant here and can contact directly to manage theirdesire assistant more efficiently by avoiding any middleman phase. This sitewill help to get any kind of service directly from their desire serviceprovider.

Thesite regularly updates all assistants, provides facility to the assistance. Thesite has also been able to get good response from a large number oforganizations in the country who use to provide various services and facilitythrough online and off line as well as.


AfrujaYeasmin Laboni

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Md. Ashfaqul Hoque Mithu
Director , Finance& Accounts

Jahangir Alam
Head of Marketing& Sales

KhanMohammad Zayadur Rashid
Head of Administration

Technical Team

Akash Ahmed
Head of Technical Lead, Systems & Web Developer

TaifurWayesh Niloy

 Technology and Product


Md. Mohiuddin Romel
Executive, CorporateSales (Narsingdi)

Maria Mahjabin
Executive, Administration & Public Relation

Front Desk Executive

Content Team

Head of Content Development

Maria Mahjabin Mithila
Content Development

Sales & MarketingTeam

Jahangir Alam
Head of  Marketing & Sales(Dhaka)

Md. Mohiuddin Romel
Head of Marketing& Sales (Narsingdi)

Maria Mahjabin

ManagerMarketing & Sales  

Training Division

Sha Mohammad Masud
Head coordinator of ,Training

Executive, Training

Training Associate


Customer Support


Maria Mahjabin Mithila
Executive, CustomerSupport


1st floor ,House no  402
Shaheed Moinul Road





Chattogram Office:

Khulna Office:


IP phone: 0961….. (IP phone - Dial from anynumber).
T&T Phone : 
Mobile:  01400996000, 01716239392, 01739308808 ,

  Dial **** from any number.

For Technical Support

Email: support@assistants4u.com

IP phone: 0961….. (IP phone - Dial from anynumber).

T&T Phone :  

Mobile:  01400996000, 01716239392, 01739308808 ,

For Sales Support

Email: sales@assistants4u.com

For Billing Support

IP phone: 09612444888 (Dial from any number) Ext. 105,140,122 &114.
Mobile: 01716239392

For Training Support

Email: training@assistants4u.com




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